5 Bad Fitness Habits That You Need To Give Up Right Now

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Working out at the gym? Make sure you don’t injure yourself during this process. In this blog, we have outlined some of the common workout mistakes that anyone maybe committing already. In today’s world, every woman wants to stay healthy be it mentally or physically.

But somehow, most of the women tend to opt for incorrect strength training workouts. Let’s have a look at some of the common fitness blunders that most of the women come across.

1. Working out on an empty stomach

This is the most common myth that is seen in many fitness enthusiast women. Some people might suggest working out on an empty stomach in order to boost up the fat burning process and to lose more kilos. As per some of the studies, this is one of the worst weight loss advice.

weight loss advice

Working out on an empty stomach will affect your performance at the gym and hence you will feel tired and sluggish during your workouts. This is because your body needs glucose (blood sugar) in order to fuel-up your workouts. Low blood sugar will make your body eat your own muscle tissues to get glycogen for fuel.

2. Skipping stretching movements

You maybe wasting all your hard work by just skipping the stretching movements. Stretching is very important before you start with your strength training workout. To warm up your body, you need to do cardio for 5-10 minutes which includes jumping, jogging, and etc. Including stretching in your gym session will allow you to take all the strength training benefits.

Skipping stretching movements

3. Avoiding strength training

As we all know, Cardio is great for our body. It gets our heart rate up, burns a lot of calories, and works on a lot of muscles. But let me tell you, it’s not the most effective way to burn your fat. In order to burn more calories, work on all muscle groups and add HIT (High-Intensity Training) in your strength training workouts. By adopting this habit, you can take all strength training benefits. We highly recommend you to share these healthy habits for life with your family and friends.

Avoiding strength training

4. Same workout routine

Getting stuck into the same workout routine can stop your body from getting results. People quite often have a routine that they follow every time they go to the gym. You need to cheat your body in order to get better, and fit. So how can you do this? Make sure you don’t repeat the same workout everyday. Target multiple muscle groups by doing different exercises. This is also one of the most common workout mistakes.

Same workout routine

5. Using the phone in between workout

If you want to get maximum results, intensity is the key. Get your heart rate up and perform at the max of your limits. Phoning in between your workouts will make your heart rate go down and hence missing the intensity.

Using the phone in between workout

Give up your bad habits and adopt the right ones to stay healthy. Adopting these healthy habits for life can make your life go smooth. In this article, we discussed some of the common workout mistakes and bad weight loss suggestions that most of the women come across. Work on these things and you will be able to maximize strength training benefits for you.

Dr. Sonia Thakur

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