Types of Necklines – check out which one suits you the best

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Your neckline (top edge of your dress that surrounds the neck) can truly make, or break your overall look. Ladies, you need to be extremely careful with the neckline(s) you pick for yourself, and you need to choose in accordance with your body types. When you are hunting down for an outfit in the market, carefully assess the different neck patterns and choose the one that suits you the best. By the way, do you know which neck design suits you the most? No? Fikar not!! Hang on a minute, and read through this short article to figure it out for yourself.

Let’s take a look at Different Types of Neckline

  1. Square Neckline


This type of neck design is best suited for busty women. Square Neckline looks great on women with short necks and narrow shoulders as it elongates the upper body.

Square Neckline is best suited for these body types:

  • Large Busts
  • Pear Shapes
  • Round Face
  • Short Neck and Narrow Shoulders
  1. Crew Neckline (Round/Jewel)

This neck type is simple and yet elegant. It is also known as Jewel or Round Neck. You should avoid this neckline if you have a short neck or a double chin.

Crew Neckline is great for these body types:

  • Small/Medium Bust
  • Long Neck
  • Broad Shoulders
  • Narrow Face
  1. Boat Neckline

The Boat neckline is a graceful, elegant neckline that showcases your collarbone. Avoid this neckline style if you have broad shoulders and a short neck.

Boat Neckline is suitable for following body types:

  • Small Bust
  • Narrow Shoulders
  • Long face or long neck
  • Pear, Rectangle, Banana Shapes
  1. Off-the-Shoulder (Bardot Neckline)


Bardot neckline is commonly known as Off-the-shoulder neckline. This neck design is perfect to highlight your shoulders and collarbone. It is best for women with pear shape body type.

Bardot Neckline is suitable for these body types:

  • Small/Medium Bust
  • Pear Shapes
  • Narrow shoulders
  1. Scoop Neckline


This style suits both large as well as small-busted women. It highlights your collarbones in an elegant way. This neck design is very suitable for hourglass body shapes.

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Scoop Neckline perfectly goes with the following body types:

  • Pear Shapes
  • Short & Thick Neck
  • Small as well as large busts
  • Long Face
  1. Turtle neck – high neck


The turtle neck or high neck is an impressive design. This style is the best to create volume in the neck area if you have a thin neck.

You can’t go wrong with Turtle Neckline if you have one of these body types:

  • Long Face or Thin Neck
  • Small Busts
  • Square Body Shapes
  1. Halter Neckline

Go for the halter neckline if you have wide shoulders and fuller bust. Halter design is the best way to expose your shoulders.

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Halter Neckline is suitable for these body types:

  • Average busts
  • Wide Shoulders
  • Hourglass shapes
  1. Strapless (Tube Neckline)

This style is great for showcasing your collarbones, and neck area. However, you need to wear a strapless bra with it. The tube neckline will be most flattering on women who have a small bustline.

Tube Neckline is suitable for these body types:

  • Long Neck
  • Average Bust
  • Narrow Shoulders
  • Slim Tones Arms

Hope this article helped you figure out what necklines suit your body type.

Be confident, be sexy, and enjoy wooomanhood, ladies!

Punya Jaggi

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