Top 5 Wardrobe Hacks

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How many times have you looked at your wardrobe and gone “Oh, I don’t know where to find that dress that I wanted to wear”. You, most of the times, are not able to find it because it is hidden behind an avalanche of junk. Well, you need to read this article we have written to solve this problem that most of the ladies come across. Read these top 5 wardrobe hacks to know how to arrange the wardrobe neatly so that you can easily find the dress you want to wear for the next special occasion.

1. Organization Method

The reason that we have kept this bullet at the very first place is that it will make your life easy with very little effort. Like our parents always yelled and said “keep your clothes according to the season, color, and then by kind”. This tip actually works. Just keep all of your tees at one place, your dresses at one place, and so on. I personally think that everyone should come up with their own organization methods. Many working women for example like to organize their wardrobes according to days of the week.

Organization Method

2. Labeled Bins

The best way to make up space for useful clothes is by using labeled bins for unused or rarely used clothes. Just allot these labeled bins the topmost shelf so that useful clothes are in your range. This hack will free up a lot of space from your closet and you will see your life sorted easily and smartly.

Labeled Bins

3. Proper Arrangement

By proper arrangement, we mean the arrangement of things the way they are meant to be. It is always better to keep small things in a drawer or a small bag. For example, you can keep your socks, ties, and undergarments in a small drawer. Jewelry items should always be kept in the cases they came. Roll-up casual T-shirts and keep your formal shirts in a proper stack. Trust me, these little things will make your life very easy.

Proper Arrangement

4. Hanger Hack

This is one of the best smart hacks that you must follow. Hooks of the hangers which carry fresh clothes should be facing your front of the cupboard and hooks that carry used clothes should be in the opposite direction. This is an important hack if you want to learn how to arrange a wardrobe neatly and smartly.

Hanger Hack

5. Proper Lighting

This is the last yet most important wardrobe hack. The main reason why we can’t find the dresses we look for is that there is not enough light. Make sure there is proper overhead lighting to see where you have placed the things you want.

Proper Lighting

So, these were the top 5 wardrobe hacks for you. I hope you have learnt how to arrange a wardrobe neatly and smartly. I am sure these wardrobe hacks will make your life a lot easier. For more related topics, browse through this section closely.

Shweta Shukla

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