How to create a personal style statement?

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After all, it’s all about attention!! Who doesn’t like to get noticed outa crowd? But the truth is, it’s a ho-hum and tedious job to find out what works best for you. Isn’t it? If the answer is ‘Hell, Yes!” let us help you figure this out HOW TO CREATE A PERSONAL STYLE STATEMENT.

1. It all begins with a close look through your wardrobe. Throw out everything that you haven’t worn in a while. Then, throw out everything that doesn’t fit you well. You are a big girl, aren’t you? Do it! Make sure everything that’s still in your wardrobe, actually fits you perfectly and complements your overall body shape, personality.


2. Now, since you have got rid of all the crap that you never liked for yourself, figure out what makes you wear the rest of your favourite clothes over and over again. What is all that you really like about them? Are these their colors? their printing? The fitting? Or what? Make a list of everything you really like about these items.

favourite clothes

3. Research out about the latest trends in the fashion industry. Find out what is being discussed in fashion magazines and TV channels. See what your favourite celebs and models are wearing these days and experiment with what makes complete sense to you.

4. It’s natural to self doubt at times when you’re trying out new things. If you ever find yourself in a dilemma while making choices or taking decisions, seek advice from friends that have a great dressing sense. At all the tailor shops and stores, you will always find someone who sees dozens of people trying out similar designs every single day. Such people usually can give you worthy advise.

worthy advise

5. Don’t forget the importance of accessories such as belts, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, and bags. These things are equally important. Make sure you have a set of accessories that could compliment your new dress(es), or buy new accessories too.

6. Figure out what are the best times of the year for shopping. Make the maximum out of festive sales, discounts and stock clearance events. If you are lucky, you could pluck two on the price of one dress. Don’t let these chances go.

7. Your tailor is your new friend! Yes, it’s crucial to make your readymade dresses actually fit you. And that’s where you need an expert hand at alterations. You might want to get something added to the attire that could make you look stunning and that’s not possible without a specialist.

8. Try swapping your shirts with other pairs of jeans and vice versa.

9. Seek, acknowledge and make use of all the criticism. Be it face to face, at your school or office, at the train station or in the parties, you need to start accepting people’s thoughts and make changes whenever you feel right.

use of all the criticism

10. Don’t compromise on your comfort. Whatever you wear, should comfy fit you. Having a personal style doesn’t mean that you need to wear what you are not comfortable wearing.

These were some of the evergreen tips for you all to create a personal style statement. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for many more amazing articles.


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